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Glossary Of Dessert Terms - E
Edible Glitter: Whether you call it glitter or cake sparkles its a easy way to add shimmering color to your desserts! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. They are also great for stenciling and adding to messages, borders, flowers, snow scenes and more.
Egg Separator: A gadget to separate eggs. Separating eggs is much easier and quicker with an egg separator. 
Electric Hand Mixer: A hand held mixer which usually comes with various attachments including a whisk attachment for whisking cream, batters and egg whites and sugar. Dough hooks are also available for some models to mix and knead yeast mixtures.
Electic Mixer: A large floor model or table top piece of equipment which has the capacity to mix large amounts of bread, cake, icing and pastry dough. Food mixers also often have useful extra attachments such as a blender, juice extractor, pasta maker or coffee grinder.
Elongated: To taper an icing decoration by relaxing the bag pressure and movement before stopping the technique.
Embroidery: A delicate technique that creates a pattern on the top and sides of the cake using a series of straight and curved lines, dots and flower shapes resembling fine embroidery.
Emulsify: The combining of two liquids that do not typically mix together well, such as oil and water. By adding other ingredients, to help hold the mixture together, and blending the mixture into a silky smooth texture. 
Extracts: Concentrated flavorings that come from various foods and plants. Many are made by distilling fruits, seeds or leaves. Some of the most common extracts are; vanilla, almond, anise, maple and peppermint.
Evaporated Milk: A type of milk that is unpasteurized whole milk condensed by evaporating 50 to 60 percent of the water content in the milk. In this form, the milk will contain a higher fat and protein content that is twice the amount normally found in whole milk. Evaporated milk is very versatile allowing it to be altered when preparing recipes or making food substitutions. Evaporated milk is used often for many different food dishes and desserts, such as custards, to add a rich creamy texture or flavor. It can also be used to make whipping cream if it is first lightly frozen and then whipped.
Glossary Of Dessert Terms - F

 Featherweight Bag: A reusable polyester decorating bag.
Figure Piping: A decorating technique used to form figures out of icing. The form figures normally consist of fruits, vegetables, animals, or people.
Filling: A ingredient such as: icing, fruit preserves, or pudding that is spread between layers of cake to give the cake a more unique flavor. Some of the most popular pastry fillings are ones that come in east to use redi-pak. They have a excellent flavor, color and shine for all your sweet goods and pastries. They come in a ready-to-use plastic sleeves, just snip off the end and use. Great for cake filling, torting cakes, pastry, candy, cheesecake toppings, Danish, Dessert Pizza and etc. You do not need to refrigerate until open or in your finish product as recommended with jellies. Refrigerate after opening to extend shelf life.
Finely Chopped: To cut food into very small pieces using a sharp knife or food processor.
Firm Ball Stage: A term used in connection with making sweets to determine the temperature of a sugar and water syrup. When a teaspoon of the boiled syrup is dropped into cold water and it forms a firm ball, which does not flatten when removed from the water, the syrup is at firm ball stage or has a temperature of 242-248°F.
Firm Peaks: When a whisk is removed from a well whisked or whipped ingredient, the mixture stands up in small points known as firm peaks.
Flower Former: A curved plastic form used to dry icing flowers and to create curved petals.
Flower Nail: A round metal flat surface on a metal stem that is finger-held and can be rotated, to help in the making of icing flowers.
Fluffy: When a ingredient mixture is beaten or mixed until it has a soft texture.
Flute: To press together two pastry layers on edge of pie crust, sealing the dough and at the same time creating a decorative edge using your fingers or a fork.
Forming: The process of whipping eggs, with or without sugar, to incorporate air.
Foamy: Its when a mixture is beaten or mixed until it has a frothy and bubbly, semi-liquid texture.
Fold In:To fold, is a way to mix or combine two different ingredients together with out stirring in a circular motion. One of the ingredients usually is very light and airy, while the other is heavy. If you were to simply whisk them together, the airy mixture would loose all of its air. Folding will mix the two ingredients together without the loss of air. This is done by passing a spatula or metal spoon vertically down through the mixture across the bottom of bowl the and up the opposite side. Rotate the bowl a quarter turn with each stroke and repeat until evenly combined. Remember to add the light mixture to the heavy one and not the other way around, and do not sir in circles. Incorporating ingredients like chocolate chips or nuts into a cake or cookie dough are done in the same way.

Fondant: A smooth, almost flawless icing used mostly on traditional wedding cakes. Fondant is difficult to make correctly from scratch That’s why most bakers today buy pre-made fondant, the ready-to-use fondant is quicker and easier. Depending on the type of fondant, it can be rolled and draped over a cake or poured over a cake as a liquid. Fondant gives a cake a smooth, professional appearance, keeps the cake moist longer, and provides a distinctive flavor and texture. Fondant is rolled out with a rolling pin and draped over a cake. It has a smooth, porcelain finish and provides a firm base for hand molded sugar flowers, decorative details, and architectural designs. 
Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers on cakes especially, at weddings are very popular these days. They can be added to a cake as long as they are non-poisonous and organically grown. All stems are poisonous so its not recommended to stick a stem into any cake. Plastic holders or plates, specifically designed for holding fresh flowers on cakes are available at specialty stores.
Frost: To cover a cake, cookies, brownie or any other item with icing.

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