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Glossary Of Dessert Terms - J,K,L,M & N

Jelly-Roll Pan:
A rectangular pan with about 1" deep sides originally designed to make sheet cakes or sponge cakes for jelly rolls. Most baker’s use this type pan to bake cookies.
Kirsch: A clear cherry brandy, that you might in the creamy filling of Black Forest cake, or flambéed as part of cherries jubilee. 
Knead: To work dough either with your hands or a mixer with a dough hook until it is smooth and elastic.
Lace Points: Royal icing piping which extends past the edge of the cake.
Ladyfingers: Finger shaped cookies made from sponge cake batter, about 3" long.
Lambeth: A method of using intricate, dimensional overpiping of borders on a rolled fondant cake. Overpipe scrolls, scallops and stringwork plus other decorations. This Australian style of cake decorating uses over piping, or stacking layer after layer of icing on one another, to achieve its unique look.
Lard: Pork fat that has been rendered. Used in baking as a shortening, sometimes used to make piecrusts and other dessert items. Some old fashion recipes may call for lard rather than shortening. 
Latticework: A detail that crisscrosses with an open pattern. The lattice can be piped on the side of the cake or pressed into the cake.
Layer: An individual horizontal part of a solid such as: a layer of cake.
Leaf Tip: Decorating tip used to make icing leaves and some flowers such as the lily and poinsettia.
Lecithin: An emulsifier made from soybeans and used to keep oils from separating.
Leveling: Removing the rounded top part or "crown" of a cake to provide a flat surface for frosting and decorating.
Lightly Grease: To apply a thin layer of or fat to a surface to prevent food from sticking. We recommend pan release for cake baking.
Loaf Pan: Loaf pans are used for baking yeast breads, quick breads, loaf-shaped cakes, and meat loaf.
Luster Dust: A dust that is food safe with a subtle color and high sheen metallic-like finish . Can be brushed on dry for a little color or mixed with clear alcohol and painted on.

To partly mix two colors of cake batter or icing so that the colors are in decorative swirls.
Marzipan: A past made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to mold edible flowers or used to mold cake trimmings to decorate the cake. Marzipan can also be rolled in sheets, like fondant, and used as icing. 
Measuring Tools: Containers or spoons that come in graduated sizes and are used to accurately measure dry or liquid ingredients. Dry ingredients should always be measured with dry measuring tools that come in nested individual cups sets. Liquid ingredients should always be measured with liquid measuring tools that that come in 1-cup or 2-cup or 3-cup that has graded measurements on the surface.
Melt: To apply heat to a solid ingredient to turn it into a liquid.
Meringue Powder: A mixture made with pasteurized dried egg whites; used to make long-lasting, hard-drying royal icing. Safe to use uncooked in icings, meringues and mousses. Also adds strength to sugar molds and buttercream flowers. Stabilizes buttercream and whipped cream icings. Meringue powder is ideal for royal icing, meringue pie topping, marshmallows and icings. It dosen't yellow like raw egg white. A 1-lb container contains the equivalent of 7 1/2 dozen eggs but costs much less.
Milk Chocolate: A combination of chocolate liquor, added cocoa butter, sugar and milk or cream. It must contain at least 10% chocolate liquor. It may also sometimes contain optional ingredients. Originally developed by Milton S. Hershey, in 1900.
Miniatures: Individually decorated wedding or party cakes made to serve each guests.
Mix: To combine two or more ingredients by stirring in circles until ingredients are distributed evenly and there are no clumps of one ingredient.
Mixer: A large floor model or tabletop piece of electrical equipment which has the capacity to mix large amounts of batter or dough. Many mixers also often have useful extra attachments such as a blender, juice extractor, pasta maker or coffee grinder.
Modeling Chocolate: Also known as candy clay, its a thick paste made of chocolate and glucose, which can be molded by hand into decorative shapes. 
Molasses: A thick, strong flavored syrup, produced as a by-product when sugar is refined through several times of boiling sugar cane or sugar beets. It is the brown heavy syrupy liquid that remains after the sugar cane or beets have been boiled into a juice and then the sugar crystals are removed. Molasses is available in both light and dark.
Mousse: A form of creamy dessert typically made from egg and cream flavored with fruit or chocolate. The egg whites are beaten before being incorporated into the other ingredients to produce a light and fluffy yet extremely rich confection and then chilled. Mousse is not recommended for cakes that will be displayed at room temperature for any length of time.
Muffin Pan: Muffin pans are used for baking muffins, popovers, cupcakes, tartlets, and miniature quiches and pizzas. They vary in size and can hold about 1½ tablespoons, standard about 1/2 cup, and oversized about 3/4 cup.

Net Weight: The weight of the contents in a container without the container or any other packaging material.
Nondairy Liquid Coffee Creamers: These products aren't just for coffee and they are cholesterol free. They are also good to use in making some desserts or cooking to add flavor. Some of the available flavors are Amaretto, Hazelnut, Irish Crème, and French Vanilla. The frozen liquid type works excellent in making candy. You can also use it in place of milk or cream in fudges.
Nonpareils: Decorative toppings, very tiny sized balls, that can be sprinkled over candies, cakes, muffins, cookies, and other tasty treats. They are made of sugar are available in several different colors.
Nonstick Coating: Non stick bakeware have a coating that may be silicone based or Teflon based. With non stick bakeware, food removal and clean up is much easier.
Nougat: A mixture of caramelized sugar and roasted nuts; such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts or other types of nuts, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. Used in decorative work and as a confection and flavoring. The consistency of nougat can range from chewy to hard depending on its composition.
Nulomoline: Nulomoline is a standardized inverted sugar used for making fine grained, smooth candies and icings and moist cookies. Replace corn syrup or 10% of the granulated sugar by weight with NULOMOLINE

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