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 Flour Classifications

All-Purpose Flours: One of the most commonly used and readily accessible flours 
in the U.S. on grocery shelves. It is a mixture of equal parts of hard and soft wheat
with a small amount of barley malt added to increase enzyme activity to break 
starches into sugars on which yeast feeds. Protein levels are between 10% and 
1`1 %. Excellent for cookies, lean bread formulas, cakes Bisquick and pizza crust. 
General Mills: All-Purpose.

 Bread Flours: Also referred to as ‘strong white flour" or "strong flour,," bread flours 
are high-gluten flours, milled from hard wheat. They contain a high percentage of protein 
(between 11% and 14%)., which forms gluten when moistened. This gluten gives elasticity, 
strength and shape to bread recipes and traps gases created by yeast (during baking) 
causing bread to rise. Best for white and specialty pan breads, cram puffs, popovers 
strudels, croissants, Danish, sweet goods, yeast-raised donuts, soft crusted rolls and 
buns, variety breads, pizza and pretzels.

  • General Mills: 
    Unbleached Flour FS
    Full Strength Flour
  • ConAgra: 
    Occident Flour Unbleached
    Occident Flour Enriched
    King Midas Flour
    Seal of Minnesota Flour Untreated
    Seal of Minnesota Flour Unbleached
    Seal of Minnesota Flour Bleached
    Enriched Producers
    Wheat Montana Farms: Natural White Premium
    Roman Meal milling: Organic White Bread Flour

Cake Flours: Made from soft winter wheat, contains between 7% and 9% protein. 
Produces moist cakes with fine grained silky texture and bright crumb color. 
Use in high-ratio shortening cakes, angel food cakes, sponge cakes, chiffon cakes 
and non-spreading types of cookies, brownies and bars.

General Mills: Soft As Silk (Purasoow)
ConAgra: Velvet Cake (Hi-R)

Durum Flours: milled from durum wheat with a minimum 11.5% protein content. 
Semolina flour is milled from the coarsely ground endosperm and is used to make 
the high quality "white" pasta such as lasagna, linguine, ziti, spaghetti, cous cous 
and fettuccini. Durum flour is the by-product in the production of semolina and is 
used forsheeted" pasta such as ravioli, American noodles elbow macaroni and shells.

ConAgre: Semolina & Durum

High Gluten Flours: Milled from hard spring wheat which has been mixed with
concentrated wheat protein to give a flour with exceptional strength and protein 
levels between 14% and 15%. Well-suited for all hearth breads, hard rolls, Kaiser 
rolls, bagels, European crusty breads, rye breads, thin crust pizza dough, 
breadsticks, English muffins and heavy specialty breads containing extra 
bran, raisins, nuts or sugar.

General Mills: All Trumps
ConAgra: Kyrol No Treatment, Kyrol, & Enriched producers (Maintains protein levels at high temps)

Pastry Flour: Milled from soft red or white winter wheat, it is a low-gluten flour, which 
absorbs less liquid in recipes. It is excellent when used for piecrust, soft pretzels, 
biscuits, non-spreading cookies, pound cakes, muffins and brownies.

ConAgra: Beauty Krust
Snavely’s: Pie & Pastry & Whole-Wheat Pie & Pastry

Whole Wheat Flours: Made from hard wheat. Contains nutritious germ and bran 
as well as the endosperm contained in the entire wheat kernel. In addition to fiber, 
whole-grain baked products are better sources of B vitamins, vitamin E, and many 
minerals than those made with white flour. Give old-fashioned, natural grain texture 
and flavor with a high protein level. Works well for whole wheat breads, muffins and 
rolls in addition to bagels. Tortillas, flat breads, pizza dough, pretzels and cookies. 
Protein levers are between 13% and 15%.

General Mills: Whole Wheat Stone Ground
ConAgra: Whole Wheat medium Stone Ground & Whole Wheat Fine Stone Ground
Sanvely’s: Whole Wheat Flour (Fine), Whole Wheat Flour (medium) & Whole Wheat Flour (Extra Course)
Wheat Montana: Prairie Gold 86
Roman Meal Milling: Organic Whole Wheat Bread

Specialty Flours:

Buckwheat Light: All-natural, stone ground from roasted seeds of plant. Commonly 
used when combined with wheat form pancakes, waffles, breads, cookies and muffins.

Buckwheat Whole Dark: All-natural, stone ground with the bran included in it. 
Must add wheat gluten to make bread. People with wheat allergies should be able 
to eat this product. Great for pancakes, bread, cookies and muffins.

Cream Of Rye Flour: Often called white rye, it is used with high-ash flour in large
amounts to produce excellent grain and loaf volume. Outstanding for Jewish rye bread.

Corn: Milled from yellow corn, it is produced as a by-product in making cornmeal. 
Contains no gluten and is used in combination with other flours. It is also excellent 
sprinkled on top of English muffins, sourdough breads and breadsticks to give them 
a crunchy crust.

Oat: Milled from rolled oats (does not have germ), is very light in texture and color. Can 
substitute as much as 50% of wheat flour in baking recipes to make baked goods fluffier.

Pumpernickel: Milder in flavor, but coarser than rye flour. 
It is used exclusively for breads and rolls.

Rice: White rice flour is milled from long grain rice. It is not a sweet rice flour. 
No gluten. Can substitute up to 1/3 of regular flour in bread recipes with rice. 
It can also be used as a thickening agent or as an ingredient in breakfast cereals, 
snack foods, batters, baking and spice mixes. Brown rice flour is made from long 
grain brown rice and it is heat-treated to stabilize the bran.

Rye Flour (Dark): One of the best-tasting flours for bread making. Excellent when 
mixed with some wheat flour to give it added gluten strength and rising power. 
A small amount of vinegar added to rye bread helps to bring out flavor. Ground finer 
than pumpernickel bread and has a stronger flavor. Perfect for German rye and other 
heavy dark rye breads and rolls.

Nutri Soy: Very nutritious, heat processed from soybeans. 
Most nearly resembles the native defatted protein in raw soybeans. 
Can replace up to ¼ of wheat flour in bread, rolls, cakes and cookies. 
Has no gluten. Can also be used in meat processing as a binder.

Spelt: A whole grain flour that is tan in color and similar to high protein wheat

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